Morel Mushroom Spores Grow Kit - Easy Outdoor Morel Mushroom Growing Kit 


Grow Morel mushrooms in your own backyard.

This is the best Morel grow kit ever made and will produce prolifically for many years once established. Start growing your own Morel Mushrooms and enjoy a great harvest every spring. There will never be a better time to get your Morel mushroom patch growing than this spring or summer!

Step-by-step instructions are included with your new Morel Mushroom Kit, and we're available to answer questions and help get your Morel growing adventure started.

Anyone can grow their own Morel mushrooms using our Grow Morel mushroom growing kit.


Morel mushrooms are sought by nearly everyone! Gourmet chefs, home cooks, foragers and gardeners all agree that Morel Mushrooms are the best mushrooms. Start your own Morel Mushroom patch now and you could harvest next spring! Each year your Morel Mushroom garden will grow, expand and be able to produce more Morels.


Includes 6 varieties of Morel Mushrooms

Yellow Morel - Morchella americana is a warm loving variety of Morel that favors creekbeds, hardwood forests, and higher temps than many other varieties. Often grows well under 'high stress' conditions such as ornamental beds, walkways and landscaped areas.


Blushing Morel - Morchella rufobrunnea Fruitbodies are often gray in color and can bruise a very distinctive pink when touched. Often producing large fruits when mature, this was the first variety of Morel mushroom successfully cultivated. The Blushing Morel Grows very well in woodchips and can be reliably cultivated with little experience. This is one of the longest lasting Morels and can fruit for weeks after the other varieties are done for the season.


White Morel - Morchella deliciosa is a commonly harvested spring mushroom producing 2-5 inch fruitbodies and usually appearing an off white or cream white color. The sponge–like head is egg-shaped or pine cone-shaped with pits and ridges. On all forms the ridges are paler than the pits.


Early Black Morels - Morchella elata are generally the first true morel to appear in spring. The fruiting body is often very large. The sponge-like head is variable in shape but usually elongated and pointed. The young black morel may appear almost white when covered by leaf litter, but as it matures the black morel will have brownish pits and dark ridges.


Burn Site Morels - Morchella tormentosa are known for growing in massive and prolific amounts for one-two years in areas after fires or burns have occurred. They are smaller in size than other morels, but fruit so heavily that they often make considerably more total weight when found.


Autumn Morel - Morchella galilaea This is the latest Morel to fruit and has even been known to fruit during fall instead of the spring! Little is know about the conditions that would work best and produce the most fruits. Cultivating the Autumn Morel on hardwood chips and sawdust has worked well, and it grows well in disturbed areas such as landscape planting.

Grow Morel Mushrooms at Home! 6 pack Morel Mushroom Spores Growing Kit