How to Grow Morel Mushrooms –

Morel Growing Kit Instructions

Did you know Morel mushrooms have been cultivated both indoors and out for decades? We've just made it easy! All you need is a spot with some trees. Your Grow Morel Mushroom Patch can be planted once the soil has warmed.

Prepare your planting area by opening the surface of the soil with a rake. This creates small pockets where the spores can germinate and begin to grow. Morels are symbiotic with the roots of trees and some other plants, so planting near already established plants will help the new Morel Patch get off to a good start.


Spread your Morel Grow kit into the prepared planting area and add a layer of natural mulch to retain heat and humidity. Morels are very fond of fruit trees and will grow particularly well when planted together. If possible, wait until right before a rainy day to plant. Most tap water is chlorinated and is not beneficial for new mycelium.

Your new Morel mushroom patch will begin colonizing the area and gathering nutrients needed to produce fruits. Some new Morel patches will produces a few mushrooms the following spring. Most begin to fruit the second spring and will produce a larger harvest of delicious Morel mushrooms each year. Once established a Morel colony will continue to produce fruits for many years.

Each package will seed an area of about 5 x 5 ft.