How to Grow Morel Mushrooms

Growing Morel Mushrooms with our Mushroom Growing Kits

Growing your own Morel Mushrooms sounds like a dream, but people have been growing Morel Mushrooms for 40 years, and slowly perfecting how to grow Morel mushrooms.

Now, it's possible to start your own outdoor Morel Mushroom patch with our Morel Mushroom Spores Growing Kit.

We've shown people from all over the USA how to grow their own abundant supply of Morel Mushrooms. 

No gardening or mushroom growing experience? No problem! 

Growing Morels is maintenance free once your Morel mushroom spores are planted. They will produce a delicious crop of Morel mushrooms each spring for many years.  

Our mushroom growing kit was created so nearly everyone can start growing Morel mushrooms and enjoy a bountiful supply of fresh morel mushrooms every spring.

Our Mushroom Growing Kit is tailored specifically for growing Morel Mushrooms and is the most productive Morel mushroom growing kit available today. 

Complete instructions for preparing and maintaining your Morel Mushroom Grow Kit are included.

Morel Mushroom Spore Growing Kits

The best Morels are the ones you grow!